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Divi Success is the A-Z Training System that will teach you exact tools and methods we use to design WordPress websites with Divi, and that too without any coding skills. Not only that, we will also teach you how to get website design business up and running so you can land your first client.

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Learn how you can design websites like these in WordPress using Divi with No Coding Skills:

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in half the time

Get clients at the speed of rocket

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Rated WP Designer

“As a Top Rated Website Designer, I’ve decided to teach my creative design skills to the upcoming generation. Divi Success is a simple yet powerful training system that gives you a noticeable edge in the industry.”

Harshit Bhootra

Top Rated Divi Website Designer

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LESS THAN THE COST OF A Single Website Project!


Meet The Instructors

Harshit is a professional website designer who use Divi and WordPress exclusively for any type of website requirement. He has made over 100 websites using Divi and WordPress in the past few years and can be easily called a Divi Veteran.

Harshit Bhootra

Upwork’s Top Rated Divi Freelancer

Patty help creative entrepreneurs create + execute a digital vision of the biz & life they love. She is a self-taught WordPress user since 2004 & happily found Divi along the way. She co-hosts the Divi New-York meetup along with other Divi enthusiasts.

Patty Rose

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Digital Automation

This is not just another online course…

This Is Our 5 Years of Website Design Experience Packed Together

Think about it – Do you want to scratch your head over every little doubt you have or Do you want to learn Divi and WordPress directly from someone who has 5 Years of Expertise and can help you with your journey to becoming a next level Divi website designer in a very short span of time?

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Imagine what being a better website designer would mean to you…

When we finally mastered our craft and became the absolute best at what we do… EVERYTHING in our life began to change.

We work while we Travel

This work has so much flexibility, that it allow us to travel and work at the same time. All we need is our gadgets and an internet, and we can work from anywhere.

Gifted My Parents A CAR

We make more from one single website project than we would have earned in a month from a corporate job in an MNC.
(yeah it’s true lol)

We Have Control On Our Life

Becoming a master at my craft has allowed us to work faster and more efficient than ever before. Screw the boring corporate lifestyle!

So.. what are you going to learn inside  Divi Success Training?

Contains 70+ Divi Design Specific training videos, access to our secret set of tools for speed and quality, and a library of Custom CSS you can use to customize your websites…

Divi Setup And Activation

A series of videos showing how to install and activate Divi (The theme using which we can build wordpress webistes in a few clicks).

Exploring Divi Modules And Templates

Learn from scratch how and where to use each Divi design module with all its design features. I have a dedicated video for each module.

Header and Footer Customization

Learn how to design attractive headers and footers. Not only that, also learn about various other theme builder options inside Divi.

Advanced Divi Builder Features

You will also get dedicated tutorials on unique features of Divi like Sticky Options, Global Defaults, Copy-Paste and Extending Styles.

eCommerce And eLearning Websites

Learn how to design eCommerce or eLearning. In-fact, You will be able to make any type of Divi website after you finish this course.

Launching And Website Optimization

You will also learn about how to launch a project live and make optimizations so the website loads super fast and smooth.

Not Only That…

This course contains topics that no one else talks about about how you can truly push your Divi designs to the next level. Specifically for those looking to design websites that break the industry standard in the Divi Community of ‘Cartoony Websites’

Moreover, the course contains guest lectures and podcasts from Industry experts!

Matthew Bradley

75 Degrees West
Founder & President

Jose Sanchez

Double X Digital
Chairman & CEO

Jeanine Polizzi

CEO & Founder

We will also invite more speakers as the academy grows and have more guest lectures so you can get answers to your questions from industry experts.

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Bonus #1

Website Design Free Resources List

In this book we have added a list of 70+ Free Resources which we use in our day to day life as a website designer. This includes photo editing apps, stock photos and videos websites, tools to compress images, etc.

We personally use all these free resources so we don’t have to pay for any other service. It took us years of research and usage to find such resources but we are giving it away for free.

Value: $97

Bonus #2

Premium Headers Pack

How beautiful a website looks depends a lot on how the header of the website looks. Currently there are very few places on the internet where you can buy prebuilt headers, and they are costly as hell!

We have created a bundle of 10 Beautiful headers for you, which we ourselves use on our clients websites. You will get access to these headers for free inside Divi Success.

Value: $197

Bonus #3

Client Questionnaire Worksheet

When you are starting a new website project, it’s hard to ask clients their exact requirements to give them a quote. Thus, we have created a system/worksheet where clients can fill in their requirements in a systematic manner and you get all those details in the way you can give them a quote for the project.

To build this questionnaire we needed an expertise of 100+ website projects to find the common pattern. Once you enroll, you can download this in the members area.

Value: $197

Bonus #4

CSS Hacks eBook

We promised you to build websites using divi, so you don’t need to code them. Now to keep our promise, We are including this bonus where we have added a list of codes which can be copy-pasted to your website to achieve some advanced things in your websites which are otherwise impossible.

You will find this eBook right in your Divi Success dashboard area.

Value: $297

Bonus #5

Website Success Planner

When you have a client onboard, o give them a quote. Thus, we have created a system/worksheet where clients can fill in their requirements in a systematic manner and you get all those details in the way you can give them a quote for the project.

To build this questionnaire we needed an expertise of 100+ website projects to find the common pattern. Once you enroll, you can download this in the members area.

Value: $297

You’ll Also Get Our 10x Website Templates Pack…

When you enroll in this course on this page today, We’ll also throw in Theme Builder’s Website Templates Pack. These are fully built and designed templates (10 Full Page Layouts) you can send to your next prospect to quickly and effortlessly close your next website design deal…

Normally All Sold for: $497

Shortcut Your Journey to Getting Your Next Client


Create a winning portfolio in an instant. Import them into your WordPress website with one click. Then customize the branding to match your target audience.


Build killer websites super-fast. Use the templates to outline the flow and sequence of your website. Customize the design while keeping the structure in place.


​​And land more high-paying clients to help you 2x, 3x or 10x your current income…

Cannot keep up with what’s included?

This is what you get
in this deal!

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We receive messages like these every single day…

A lot of the time, We get so many emails and  messages from people impressed by our work that We can’t even answer them all.

Just imagine, What would it mean to you to have potential clients flooding your inbox every day with complements and requests to work with you, just like us?

I Want To Master Website Design

We’ll help you with everything which is needed to become the best at Divi and make it a full time business


Step By Step Lessons For All Students


Learn At Your Own Pace And Comfort


Stand Out From Other Website Designers

To be honest, there’s not much different between you and us. We just know the tools, resources and strategies that allow us to create world-class websites in hours. We are going to reveal them all in this course.

I’m Ready To Be The Best

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Live QnA Sessions On Weekly Basis


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Total Value of Items Included Inside Divi Success: $2973

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$97 / Lifetime

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Still Got Questions?

We’ve got answers.

So who is this course for exactly?

This course is for Anyone who want to master divi and learn to design world-class websites in hours that they can charge more money for and finish in fractions of the time.

Why the heck should I listen to you?

Good question. We’ve designed websites for multiple million dollar companies , so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about designing in Divi and web design business in whole.

Can I reach your level with this course?

100% yes!

We have specifically created this course with EVERY, SINGLE, THING we do on the daily basis.

We will walk you step-by-step and provide you the exact Instructions on how we think, how to start a project and finish it successfully.

Do I need to know how to code?

No, you do not need to know coding whatsoever!

Custom CSS is super simple and We have simplified it to the most basics where even a child could implement some Custom CSS on their Website!

We have also added a CSS Hacks ebook in this cousre which includes done for you codes which you can use wherever needed.

How much time it will take me to master Divi and WordPress?

We have created this course with the Intent to keep it easy. The course is self-paced which means you can run as fast as a rabbit or as slow as a tortoise.

On average, anyone can master Divi and WordPress in less than 30 days if they follow the course structure

What if I have questions to ask?

Don’t hesitate to ask!

We have a QnA area in the course where you can ask questions and all your doubts.
In case if you still need instant support, you can connect with me (harshit) on facebook and ask me as many as questions as you have till you are not satisfied.

Take Action & Become a World-Class Divi Website Designer Today

There’s no time better than now to take action and improve your skills as a Divi web designer, allowing you to charge more money for less work.

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